I am Responsible

There is a difference between responding and reacting. Reacting is when your emotions get the
best of you. You return energy and emotion without thought! You allow the circumstance to
dictate your interaction with the circumstance.
Responding is altogether different. The circumstance impacts you the same, but you return to the circumstance what you decide, only what you believe it deserves. Your decision is produced by value and beliefs, not what you feel. The response is from a position of complete control. No matter what. Don’t give any circumstance more than 10% of you. The more you give to your emotions the more ownership you give away. This leaves you unable to respond rationally and unable to create a healthy interaction with the circumstance. Maintain control of yourself and you will make wiser and more creative decisions. This will, in turn, help you control any circumstance better. Take responsibility for what you return to the circumstance and you will be happier in the end.
You are the master of your domain. Think about it before returning a response.

Tracey Armstrong #barrierbuster