Tracey’s Bio

Tracey and Nathalie pastor “Citadel Church” in Seattle and have three children, Tristen, Yosef, and Sophia. Tracey is a social and economic entrepreneur and a success coach to achievers and wealth builders. Tracey believes God’s people must have spiritual, social and economic influence.

Tracey and Nathalie Armstrong are on the front line of the new generation of leaders being raised up in the world today. They travel throughout the world ministering and demonstrating the heart and mind of Christ as they are used to set people free from the bondage of sin and introduce them to a new intimacy with God.

Tracey and Nathalie are also the pastors of Citadel Church, which is located in Seattle, Washington. Together with their team, they are committed to reach this generation that is asleep spiritually and absent in most churches. Tracey and Nathalie are equipping the emerging generation for spiritual, social, and economic influence.

God has raised Tracey up to be an utterance of His voice for this hour, as he ministers under a powerful prophetic mantle and healing anointing.  His wife Nathalie ministers alongside him and operates under strong teaching and healing gifts. The fire of God’s Spirit blazes forth to bring physical and emotional healing to every man, woman and child who will receive it. Revival continues to burn after Tracey and Nathalie have gone on to touch other cities with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Tracey grew up with a Muslim mother and a grandmother who was Seventh Day Adventist. Disillusioned by religion, Tracey became an atheist. Through the prayers of his grandmother and many others, Tracey had a wonderful revelation of freedom through a relationship with Jesus at the age of 20, after years of drug dealing, drug abuse, and crime.  Nathalie, born and raised in Holland, comes from a missionary family, and discovered that God had placed His hand on her life at age 11, when her parents took her to a Morris Cerrullo Crusade in Holland. In 1993 Nathalie moved to California to work for an evangelistic ministry and married Tracey two years later. They have three children, Tristen Samuel, Yosef Raphael, and Sophia Isabella. Together they are an inseparable husband and wife team.

Tracey was ordained at Covenant Celebration Church in Seattle, Washington and was a youth pastor in Southern California for several years. Since then he has traveled both nationally and internationally as a prophetic voice to this generation. His boldness and powerful anointing touches the most hardened person and brings repentance and change to people’s lives everywhere.

Tracey and Nathalie are committed to the local church as it moves into these last days with power and purpose.